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The TechSat GmbH PDL Mk.III is a portable data loader capable for loading aircraft software parts, such as databases and operational programs, into airborne computers according to the ARINC 615, ARINC 603, and ARINC 615A standards.


  • Fully compliant with standard PDL adapter cables
  • TechSAT GARDT® (GuARded Data loading Technology) device providing 4 Tx and 8 Rx ARINC 429 channels, 4 function discretes, and Ethernet interface
  • Direct data loading from USB 3.5" floppy disk, USB DVD drive, USB stick, or HDD media repository
  • TechSAT GARDT® Technology for secure data loading according to Airbus Security Requirements for Portable Data Loader
  • Interface to FLS Management Systems, e.g. eESM Lufthansa Technik
  • ARINC 615 / 603 and ARINC 615A data loading via standard aircraft Data Loading Connector
  • Compatible with any Windows® laptop / PC
  • Import of load parts from all types of USB media or via LAN to HDD media repository

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